Search a scribe by city

When Sage Vyasa wanted to write the Mahabharata all those thousands of years ago, he was in a hurry and the words were spilling out of him. So what did he do? He asked for a scribe.

And Ganesha, the greatest of them all, broke off a tusk and sat down to put into writing that great epic we all grew up with. If only all of us could get a scribe like that at the drop of a hatĄ­erĄ­ tusk.  Especially when some of us need one pretty desperately if we want to get on with our lives. We are talking of those of us who are visually impaired or have motor or other disabilities.

Here we are, with all those geography answers and complex algebra solutions pouring out of us and we find we need a scribe to write them down for us on those darn answer sheets.  Yes, that's exactly what a scribe does. He or she sits there and acts as the writer for people who cannot wield the pen themselves at exam time. This is legally permissible ¨C just like injured batsmen are allowed to have runners for them on the cricket field. So the actual examinee dictates the answers and the scribe writes them down.

To be a scribe, you only need to be able to listen and write, and of course want to help.
So, what's the problem you ask? Surely there are many people who can do this simple job. Well, yes, there are. The thing is to get them and the people who need them together. Which is what does. It acts as the meeting ground for scribes, wannabe scribes, and people who need scribes.
It tells the former where to register themselves and it tells the latter who are the nearest scribes available in their cities.

So, take a look and tell us how you can help or how we can help you.

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